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Here at Trinity SS Wellness, we offer a unique blend of holistic lifestyle consultation, relaxation and wellness based services brought to you by the best practitioners in their respective fields. We will match you with our head lifestyle consultant and/or one of our independent practitioners who will best suit your individual needs. Though we do have clients here and there who just stop by for a reading or some reiki, the majority of our clients (and in turn our focus) is on helping our clients to meet their needs and accomplish their life goals by approaching each of our client's unique life situations in a way that addresses them as whole and complete people. The services offered by our independent consultants are as follows: holistic lifestyle consultation, individual reiki sessions, individual tarot readings, individual sex life readings, individual sex life consultations, individual relationship readings, individual relationship consultations, individual weight loss and fitness consultations, hand and foot reflexology, organizational coaching and home organizing, home decoration, angel readings, channeled medium sessions (connect with a loved one who has crossed over), crystal healing, life coaching, nutrition coaching, meditation sessions, spirit guide connection sessions, angel connection sessions, and shamanic healing sessions. *The add-ons that can be made to any of the above sessions are palm readings, energy clearing, and mini reiki sessions. See the appropriate links for more information on our different practitioners, what they do and how each are different in approach, background and experience (coming soon!). Our client contracts will be posted soon for your information and ease in scheduling with us. Some of our consultants are not listed on this website as they do not take online appointments. Pictures and bios of these consultants will be up shortly! Thanks for choosing Trinity and have a wonderful day that is uniquely "you!"


IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: We humbly ask our clients and prospective clients to please respect the fact that our clients are asked to join their practitioners at their private homes and private offices around the Chicagoland area (most of those are in the Northwest Suburbs). You must contact your individual practitioner at the time of scheduling to be given the correct private address for your personal session. Out of respect for personal privacy and the privacy of our clients, we do not accept walk-ins or early arrivals. Showing up to the address that our business is registered to on a walk-in basis will be a waste of your time, so please do call to set up an appointment or go ahead and book here for your own convenience. Clients may arrive up to five minutes before their appointment times, but no earlier. Often times, our practitioners are booked solid back to back and there generally aren't waiting areas at our practitioners' home offices (although that can be pre-arranged if you're seeing Dominique by way of a private conversation with her). If you find that you've arrived earlier than expected, you're welcome to take advantage of the local tea and coffee shops and restaurants which are almost all within walking distance of our practitioners. 

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